News and Events

This page tells you about special upcoming events, provides a calendar of events, and explains how you can request to have an event posted on this page:


Adding an event

If you have a new event that you would like added to the calendar, please email the Parish Office at with:

  • a request to use the space (e.g. Hall, Kitchen, Church, Grounds, etc.) for the event
  • the specifics of the event including: contact prime(s), date, time of the event, extra time needed for set-up and clean-up, nature of the event, audience, etc.
  • the text you would like to appear on the web-site
  • At the same time, you might like to compose a message and request that it be placed in the weekly service bulletins.

Once the use of the space has been verified by the Parish Office for conflicts with existing events (adjacent or concurrent in the calendar), and approved, the Office will forward the details on to the Editorial Team for review, editing, and posting to the web-site.

If you have a request to change the content of an event posting for any reason, or if an event has been cancelled, please email the Editorial Team directly at Editorial Team