Parish of March Youth Choir

All youth ages 7-16 years are welcome.  Anyone interested in more information or joining the choir may contact the Choir Director, Laura Hawley, directly at to arrange for the best time to join.

The Parish of March Youth Choir (PMYC) was founded in 2013 with choristers from the three points of the Anglican Parish of March: St John’s South March, St Mary’s North March, and St Paul’s Durobin Membership is open to the community. Under the direction of Laura Hawley, the choir focuses on developing musicianship, healthy vocal technique, leadership, confidence, and service to the community. The choir rehearses weekly and sings regularly in liturgical services and parish and community events and concerts throughout the year. The Music Ministry is an important aspect of life and worship at the Parish of March, and the people of the parish support the choir enthusiastically.

A Musical Opportunity like no other (by a PMYC Parent):

As a parent, nothing triggers a sense of pride like seeing your young child perform with a choir making wonderful music.  This has been my experience as a parent in the Parish of March Youth Choir when the enjoyment of the music the choir produces is equal to the pleasure in seeing how much my child enjoys being part of this musical group of kids who like to sing.  And to think, it is free of charge!

With two kids in many activities, it is incredible to think of the value we are getting by having our child receive professional vocal training by a renowned and accomplished musician like Laura Hawley.  

Laura Hawley and her mother Jackie Hawley are renowned for their work in the music scene in Ottawa leading the Cantiamo Girls Choir and for providing workshops and instruction for other successful choirs in the community and abroad.  Laura, a professionally trained pianist, conductor and composer has recently won international acclaim for her composition of “Alhamdoulillah”, a piece performed by De La Salle High School that went viral on YouTube and received so much acclaim last Christmas.  

Laura, although a remarkable teacher, demonstrates a youthful enthusiasm for choral music that motivates the kids to learn and perform like serious choristers even though they appear to have so much fun and embrace Laura as a peer rather than an instructor.  I always enjoy arriving early to choir practice to hear the magnificent music and am always impressed at how much fun the kids are having.

The choir practices on Thursday evenings at 6:15 pm for one hour and their performances are often on Sunday mornings and occasionally at other times during the week and weekends.  The performances are always a pleasure to attend.

If you have a child between the ages of 7 and 16 who likes to sing and wants to perform with their peer group, this is an exceptional and rewarding opportunity for girls and boys alike.