Sunday Schools


St John’s

Everyone is welcome to join our weekly Sunday School which runs from September through June. We run similar to a one room school house, with all ages together. With the nursery nearby, young children are encouraged to participate at whatever level they are able. The age ranges from 3 years - 12 years, with the older children often taking on a leadership role.  We begin to gather at 10:15 am with an opportunity to greet each other.

Our weekly lessons tie into the readings that are being explored during the service with an additional attempt to stay current and connected with what is happening in the world around. We explore our connection and relationship with God through Jesus’ teachings by wondering and questioning how they relate to our lives. Stories, songs, and crafts are all part of our program.

Children are an integral part of our Church Life.  The Sunday School children often work on songs to be sung during special celebrations and services such as Baptisms, and Family Services.  They are also given the opportunity to present the readings and prayers.

Every week we join the 10:30 am service in time to join hands to sing the Lord’s Prayer. We then sit with our families and participate in the Eucharist.  All baptized children are welcome to receive the Eucharist and all children are encouraged to go to the altar rail to receive a blessing.


As part of our lives as Christians, we teach that it is important to ‘walk the walk’. Our annual Christmas pageant is a perfect opportunity to reach out into our local community. Pageant time is very popular and we enjoy the surge of participation that sees up to thirty children and their families taking part in this annual event.

During Lent we place our time and energy behind a charity to raise funds and awareness of the great need in our global world. Successful Lenten Projects in the past have included, Ryan’s Well, Sleeping Children Around the World (SCAW), PLAN Canada, and Shelter Box.


If you would like to enroll your child in St John's Sunday School, Jessie would be delighted to speak with you. Please complete the Registration Form.

St Mary’s

At regular weekly services, the children attend the normal worship services with their families.  Children in attendance will be encouraged to take part in the service in any way that they can. Helping with greeting, holding the collection plate and helping ring the prayer bell are just a few of the many things where the children can assist.  In cases where a child may become fidgety, a collection of children's stories, colouring pages, crossword puzzles and simple crafts have been set aside on the book shelf in the back room for use during the family service. We have a few more ideas in the works as to how we can continue to encourage learning in our younger generation.  Stay tuned for some exciting updates.

St Paul’s

St Paul’s welcomes young families with children of all ages to its services. The Church Hall is available for parent-supervised play should anyone feel the need to take a break.

While numbers do not currently warrant having a Nursery or Sunday School program, we are a warm and welcoming congregation that continuously evaluates the needs of our parishioners.