St John's

St John's Nursery is available during the 10:30 am service to parents and their little ones. The Nursery is located at the bottom of the stairs that are straight ahead from the entrance.

Many toys are available for all ages. Changing facilities are available in the downstairs and in the larger of the two upstairs women's washrooms. A quiet corner can be found for nursing on the lower level.

There is also a small table at the back of the church. Feel free to seat your child there to colour, etc., or take materials to your pew.

St Mary's and St Paul's

St Mary's and St Paul’s welcome young families with children of all ages to their services. The church halls are available for parent-supervised play, should anyone feel the need to take a break.

While numbers do not currently warrant having a Nursery or Sunday School program, we are warm and welcoming congregations that continuously evaluate the needs of our parishioners.