Adult Spiritual Development

The Parish of March offers and supports various methods of study for adults to develop spiritually.  Please see below to read more about how to participate in:

Bible Study

 A Bible Study Group meet weekly at St John's. Please see below for details of the Wednesday Morning Bible Study Group

Wednesday Morning Bible Study

What: Study of Sunday’s Bible readings
When: Wednesdays, 10:00 am  September to June
Where: Currently via Zoom

Exploring the Scriptures

Hey, so where you off to?

Bible study. Every Wednesday morning at 10:00 am, a group of us gather to discuss the Bible readings for the coming Sunday.

Oh. Yeah?

Don’t frown. It’s really interesting. We consider the religious, historical and cultural setting of the readings, as well as the messages for us.  For instance, questions get raised about the meaning of the texts in the time they were written.

What’s that got to do with it?

Well think of this…if someone said to you to ‘go the extra mile’, what would that mean?

To do more than is needed.  Try harder.

Sure. But not exactly the meaning in Jesus’ time.  Roman soldiers had the right to make a villager carry the soldier’s pack for one mile but only one mile. To carry it farther would be to break the Roman law. See? One way to understand what Jesus was referring to is in its historical context: as a non-violent way for people to protest an unjust and hated Roman law.  Fascinating, eh? 

Yeah! I am amazed…never knew that.

Lots more to learn about.  Like how the readings can speak to us in today’s world, living with our own challenges.  Why don’t you come along? 

Well, you know me. Not the lecture attending type.

No, no, there is no lecture. Just all of us contributing what we can to the discussion, our own life experience and personal impressions on the way the text speaks to us. No one directs us what to think as we explore the readings. Not this group!  No one’s thoughts are ignored or dominate. Sometimes we find more questions than answers. 

But each of us does find more richness in the Bible passages we hear in Sunday services after doing the study.  Even the scripture readers for that Sunday get great benefit for the delivery of their reading through this study.  Come on, just try it once.

Sure, okay. But I might not say anything.

That’s all right too. We all started out there. Hey, you probably know most of us in the group. But some new folks to meet, too. You’ll be very welcome to join us.


The labyrinth is a universal symbol for the world, with its complications and difficulties, which we experience on our journey through life. The entry to the labyrinth is birth; the center is death and eternal life. In Christian terms, the thread that leads us through life is divine grace. Like any pilgrimage, the labyrinth represents the inner pilgrimage we are called to make to take us to the center of our being. Please click here to learn more about our Labyrinths.

Cursillo Movement

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Centering Prayer

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Lay Reader Education

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