Welcome to St Mary's Anglican Church, North March

  • Services are held at St Mary's on Sundays, beginning at 9:00 am. Please see the homepage for online services.
  • Throughout the Summer, services alternate location between St Mary's, North March and St Paul's, Dunrobin. Please see the homepage for the schedule.

“A caring, intergenerational community, whose life and aspirations are inspired by the Holy Spirit…”

Nestled in a peaceful, forested setting on the north side of the 6th Line of March (“6th Line Road”), the present grey stone St Mary’s dates from 1909.

Our original church building was erected in 1829 on the south shore of the Ottawa River – a short distance away at historic Pinhey’s Point. That makes this church one of the very oldest and most historically significant Christian congregations in the Eastern Ontario/Ottawa Valley region.

When the stone walls of the original church building began to crumble in the early 1900s, the congregation back then decided to rebuild inland at today’s more central and convenient location – on what had quickly become the area’s main road.

Today’s St Mary’s draws its membership from both long-established pioneer and farming families – some of whose ancestors came to the March Township area 180 or more years ago – as well as from newer families who have moved out to this beautiful rural area from within the city in more recent times.

In its life, witness and worship, St Mary’s combines a deep respect for Anglican traditions and beliefs with a forward-looking outlook on the modern world around it, and welcomes all newcomers in Christian love.

Some are coming to refer to us as a “the Church of the out-of-doors” because many of our events have long been held outdoors, and we have also begun to hold a significant, and likely increasing, number of worship services outside – including our Easter Sunrise service, annual Blessing of the Animals – a St Francis of Assisi Service, and a Celtic Eucharist.

2574  6th Line Road, North March
R.R. #1, Dunrobin, Ontario  K0A 1T0

Parish of March office telephone:
(Please note that the Parish Office is located at our sister church, St John's, in Kanata.)