Refugee Sponsorship

Kanata Syrian Refugee Sponsorship Committee

There are several different paths for sponsoring refugees. One way is to work through a Sponsorship Agreement Holder or SAH. There are a number of these across Canada; many or most of them are churches/faith groups, including the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa.  Not only is there a significant federal government contribution to a SAH sponsorship, but what one donates through a church is subject to a charitable tax credit. In our case, St John's Kanata North (formerly St John's South March) Anglican Church, in the Parish of March, is a Constituent Group of the Diocesan SAH, so contributions made to St John's, specifically earmarked for Syrian Refugee Family Sponsorship, go entirely to support the refugee family, with the donor receiving a tax receipt. Likewise, our sister churches in the Parish of March -- St Mary's North March and St Paul's Dunrobin -- are active in this Sponsorship and are collecting donations toward this goal.

We have spread our net to include interested community members, and this has resulted in more person power as well as financial donations.  

We received a family of four January 1st, 2016, and helped them settle into Kanata as new neighbours. We are most grateful to have the friendship and collaboration of members of the Kanata Muslim Association as part of our sponsorship group. 

St John's, Parish of March, is giving consideration to sponsoring a second family, and community financial support for this would be put to good use. Should you like more information, or to donate, please contact the Parish Office at 613-592-4747. Donations may be mailed to the Parish Office 325 Sandhill Road, Kanata ON K2K 1X7, Attention: St John's Treasurer. Please specify "Refugee Sponsorship" in the Memo.