Welcome to the Parish of March and our website.

Welcome to the Parish of March!

In-person services with Covid-19 safety protocols are usually held at:
St Mary's at 9:00 am
St John's at 10:30 am
St Paul's 11:00 am

however, the December 19th Service for St John's has been moved online at 10:00 am until further notice. Please watch for updates.

Join us in a virtual meeting for worship, Sundays at the new time of 10:00 am. You should be able to meet with the others who are part of the worship, up to 100 people.  We will worship at 10:00 am so you can try to get on a few moments before the meeting starts.  To do that you enter this week's URL, found in the weekly email or by request through forwardmarch@sympatico.ca, into your computer and it should take you to the Zoom site.  Follow the online instructions to download and install the software, or get the Zoom app on your tablet.

We also have a podcast site for Homilies  http://stjohnskanatanorth.podbean.com/ 



"We strive to be a caring community of believers and searchers that reaches out to others to share both Christian love and the good news of Jesus Christ...."

If you are looking for a spiritual home – where everyone knows your name, and a safe place where you can ask hard questions about the Christian faith, then consider coming to join us.

We worship each Sunday in all three of our Parish's churches: