Welcome to the Parish of March and our website

The Parish of March Youth Choir is looking for new members this Fall!

Anyone interested in more information or joining the choir may contact the Choir Director, Laura Hawley, directly at laurahawley@hotmail.com


The Parish of March Youth Choir (PMYC) was founded in 2013, with choristers from the three points of the Anglican Parish of March: St John’s South March, St Mary’s North March, and St Paul’s Durobin. Under the direction of Laura Hawley, the choir focuses on developing musicianship, healthy vocal technique, leadership, confidence, and service to the community. The choir rehearses weekly and sings regularly in liturgical services and parish and community events and concerts throughout the year. The Music Ministry is an important aspect of life and worship at the Parish of March, and the people of the parish support the choir enthusiastically.


"We strive to be a caring community of believers and searchers that reaches out to others to share both Christian love and the good news of Jesus Christ...."

If you are looking for a spiritual home – where everyone knows your name, and a safe place where you can ask hard questions about the Christian faith, then consider coming to join us.

We worship each Sunday in all three of our member churches:

  • St John’s Anglican Church, South March, 325 Sandhill Road, Kanata
  • St Mary’s Anglican Church, North March, 2574 6th Line Road, Ottawa
  • St Paul’s Anglican Church, Dunrobin, 1118 Thomas Dolan Parkway, Dunrobin